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Craftbyese designs afrocentric inspired decor pieces from hand woven fabrics sourced from indigenous communities in Africa. The fabrics include Batakari, Kente, Bogolan, Indigo, Woodin etc (these are local names for the fabrics)

Our unique pieces made from these fabrics include but not limited to: Throw Pillows, Throw Pillow Covers, Travel/ Neck Pillows, Nursing Pillows, Bed Runners, Poufs, Stools, Tote Bags.

At Craftbyese, our products are designed to serve the purpose of both aesthetic and functional use.


Corporate Responsibility

Our desire is to help develop the skills of indigenous artisans who produce these hand woven fabrics and ultimately increase employment in their local communities.

Craftbyese partners with the local communities where these fabrics are outsourced from. The communities benefit from this project through the purchase of the materials. Women, who form majority of the weavers in these communities are the major beneficiaries.


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